Welcome to the BBPA

Welcome to the ‘Virtual Hub’ of the Black Business and Professional Association! This is the point of convergence and connectivity for many that are seeking opportunities to collaborate, recalibrate, participate, educate, advocate, volunteer and donate to the Black community.

As you browse through the ebony pages of the BBPA website, with its vibrant and much anticipated sub-sites, illustrating and bringing to life the major flagships of the BBPA, we hope you will enjoy our rich heritage and this unforgettable experience that you are about to discover at this ‘virtual port.’ This is truly the “Destination of Excellence.”

By making frequent visits to this ‘cyber port’ we will keep you abreast of our vision and strategic priorities. There is much for us to give thanks for and we still have a way to go to enable our mandate to be fully actualized. We want to thank our founders, past presidents and boards of directors for establishing the fundamentals and engineering the infra-structure for the current board to build on. Undoubtedly, we are fortunate to have a committed force engaged in delivering the mandate that was entrusted to us almost 30 years ago. Today, we are proud to share that we are closer to the light than ever before!

As we move ahead with the launching of our new website in October 2011, we will be opening up our constituency to a new world of next gen visioning, functionalities and performances. We hope we will entice your appetite for community development and an interest in assisting the BBPA in advancing the Black community through programs and projects that are in pursuit of higher education, business, professionalism, entrepreneurship and economic development.

We hope you will anchor your support with us, and if you are not a member yet, we invite you to fill out the membership form online. You may pay your membership fee immediately by using a major credit card via our online payment system.

The BBPA has quite a few major events coming down the pike this year, i.e. National Black Business and Professional Convention (NBBPC), and becoming a member will allow you to take advantage of substantial discounts. The BBPA is truly the “Destination of Excellence.”

We thank all of our sponsors, founders and stakeholders for their unswerving support. Please be advised that we accept online donations. To make a donation, please click here. A tax receipt will be issued accordingly.

If you need additional information about the BBPA, please do not hesitate to click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page or reach out to us at 416-504-4097 or by email at bbpa@bbpa.org at your earliest availability.

Pauline Christian
President, BBPA

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