Jean Tait, BAA, CIP

Corporate Secretary


Jean is a strong and passionate leader, and has been actively involved in the community in a variety of ways for more than twenty years. An advocate of giving back, her passion is working with youth.  The impact of Jean’s volunteer work is visible and long standing.  She brings a diversity of skills and experience to the table.


Some highlights of Jean’s volunteer work include:

  • President of St. Bede Parent Teacher’s Association for 8 years.
  • President of the Board of Directors for the Daycare at St. Bede (she was a key influencer in establishing the daycare, getting it up and running, interviewing, staffing and overseeing all budgetary and operational aspects).
  • Successfully petitioned with the Toronto Transit System and enabled bus service in her subdivision.
  • Various roles with her son’s sport teams: Fundraiser for soccer and baseball teams with record years of fundraising.
  • Sponsorship Chair for basketball and baseball teams.
  • Director with Basketball Ontario (then called OBA), served for 10 years, appointed to different committees including Marketing, Rules and Regulation, Sponsorship and Hall of Fame Committees.  Currently serving on the Hall of Fame Committee.
  • Her roles with Basketball Ontario took her across provinces, working with youth, being a face for OBA, and presenting medals and awards.


Professionally, Jean is a big proponent on driving change and process improvements.  Her positive attitude and ability to elicit loyalty from her teams have helped her earn the distinction of top manager in successive years.


Jean is a single mother of four sons and lives in Toronto. She enjoys traveling and dancing.

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