Business Advisory, Implementation and Development Services [BAIDS]

In this present era of systemic racism and anti-black oppression, it is increasingly important that we use every tool and resource to pull down every framework that goes against the empowerment of Black people while replacing them with resourceful programs. The vices that challenge the Black Community, including racism, can be overcome through well positioned structures.

The BBPA is pleased to launch the Business Advisory Implementation and Development Services (BAIDS), a bespoke program aimed to train and expand the capabilities of Black entrepreneurs. The BAIDS program is an expansion of the BBPA entrepreneurial program and will target the 20-35 year demographic. BAIDS is expected to have national reach and will be open to all businesses. Due to the impact of COVID on small businesses, especially Black businesses, the BBPA has taken the lead in creating the BAIDS program to help set up small Black businesses for success, during and post-COVID. This is part of the BBPA post-COVID recovery strategy and plan.

The BAIDS Program will have provide participants with the following:

  • Business Planning and Budget
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Auditing
  • Business Registration
  • Taxation (Individual and Corporate)
  • GST/HST Filing
  • T3010 Filing (Not-For-Profit and Charities)
  • Bank and/or Governmental Loan Application
  • Annual Returns Filing
  • Grant Writing and Submission (i.e., Ontario Trillium Foundation, CSJ, Others)
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Staffing
  • IT implementation and Development
  • Operations Management
  • Referral (to other Professionals, i.e., Insurance coverage)
  • General advisory
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