core courses overview

This course will introduce and guide participants on one of the most fundamental tools that all entrepreneurs and business owners must gain control over: their business plan. Business planning is a continuing task but there is always a starting point. The business plan is like a business passport. All significant partners that you rely on to succeed in business want to see yours or know that you have a (good) one in place. This course will distinguish clearly between business plans, business models, and will even touch briefly on funnels, so that you can create yours, starting right in the course itself.

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts that help businesses to build and retain high states of favourability among consumers. Participants will learn how elements like product/service design (features and benefits), pricing, promotion, placement/availability of goods/services, customer service and post-sales support, and overall company levels of social engagement, among other factors, combine to create the perception of a company and the value that it delivers. This course will focus specifically on advertising and promotion, merchandising, statistical analysis, finances, and applied studies practicums.

This course focuses on the administration of business practices to maximize efficiency within an organization. Participants will gain useful insights into the planning, organizing, and overseeing of the organization’s processes to balance revenues and cost and to achieve the highest possible operating profit. Participants will get a better understanding of how to convert inputs, such as materials, labour, and technology into useful business outputs and do so in an efficient manner

This course teaches the student to prepare a basic business plan. Participants will explore the important considerations related to the decision to go into business and the steps involved in starting the business. These activities include applying business concepts and tools, entrepreneurship principles, financial reasoning, marketing, management, accounting, communications, and business law concepts to create relevant and effective business plans.

This course will help to strengthen some of the core leadership skills required to lead and build a successful business. It will enable the participant to identify the differences between talents and strengths. It will promote the value of strength-based leadership as a tool for creating positive change and enhancing personal career and business satisfaction.

This course covers financial and managerial accounting concepts and principles that will enable participants to make better business and investment decisions, analyze financial statements and effectively communicate on financial results to advance their interests when engaging various business stakeholders.

This course addresses several key topics in field or resource selection and management. These include employment law, labour relations, training and development, pension and benefits, occupational health and safety, compensation, performance management, recruitment and selection, and human resources planning.

This course will cover the constantly changing legal puzzles that face businesses of all sizes and types. It will equip the participants to navigate a variety of legal issues, including business transactions, commercial litigation, tax, nonprofit law, and more.

This course will provide participants with basic capabilities to:

  • Report a variety of business transactions to users of financial statements
  • Refer to the current Canadian Income Tax Act
  • Evaluate corporate tax consequences
  • Compute taxable income and taxes payable for individuals and corporations (corporate)
  • Understand basic bookkeeping principles and procedures
  • Generate reliable financial information in a computerized environment
  • and more

This course delivers the latest indirect tax resources, techniques, and business tools to help you succeed. It will provide participants with a strong foundation to explore and maximize the value-added benefits of GST/HST.

This course will give participants an overview of the fundamentals of public relations and introduce them to models and approaches used in public relations management. Participants will also gain useful insights about the role of PR within the modern business environment.

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