Congratulations to Ahmed Hussen and Marci Ien on recent appointments to Cabinet

On October 26th, Ahmed Hussen and Marci Ien were announced as Ministers of Housing, Diversity (Hussen) and Inclusion and Women, Gender Equality and Youth (Ien). Hussen, first elected in 2015, is a lawyer, specializing in immigration, refugee and criminal law and received numerous honours for his work. Ien has served as a Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre since October 2020 and is a passionate advocate for vulnerable communities across the country and globally.  As we step into a new cabinet, we are reminded of the importance of Black representation at all levels of government and the necessary work to be done in order to break down longstanding systemic barriers. 

The Prime Minister’s new cabinet consists of 39 members with a majority (32) being new appointments (seven members holding the same position). This cabinet shakeup has ignited interest amongst many Canadians but also echoes a time for action and accountability. What we have witnessed in the past election was a call for action rather than talk. Many promises have been made and now we look forward to witnessing positive changes in our community and country. 

We look forward to the work Minister Hussen will continue to accomplish in Black, racialized and Canadian communities and are excited for Minister Ien’s well-suited role in championing the needs of women, youth and non-binary folks across the country. We share the community’s enthusiasm and would like to congratulate both Ministers on their appointment and commitment to making Canada a more inclusive place for all.

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