Why BAIDS, Why Now

Especially due to the impact of COVID-19 and historical systemic racism on small Black businesses across Canada, the BBPA has taken the lead in creating the BAIDS program to enable small Black businesses to succeed. During and post-COVID-19, BAIDS is a one-of-a-kind program for the community, as it is a platform built through a realistic and cultural lens, to address the issues of race, lack of access to capital, information and networks, just to mention a few.

This is part of the BBPA post-COVID-19 recovery strategy and plan for Black businesses and professionals.

What’s BAIDS About?

The Business Advisory Implementation Development Services (BAIDS) is a bespoke program which is all inclusive and is designed to provide expert help to Black businesses who do not have the resources and or the expertise to perform the services. Effectively the participants will receive pro bono services and support from the BBPA. However, in reality, the BBPA will engage professionals at a fee to deliver the services.

The program is delivered by Black professionals and experts through a Black lens as it applies to the Black business and professional businesses.

The outcome of this program for black businesses is that they will become compliant with the rules and regulations, and legal framework of running and operating a business.

Who Is BAIDS For?

BAIDS is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs across the Black community in Canada. It is a nationwide program that will cater to small and medium scale businesses, single-owned or partnerships, family-owned or franchise. All Black businesses, with the zeal to scale up and thrive, will have access to BAIDS and its resources. Initially, the target cohort size is 150 businesses and is dependent on funding.

How Will BAIDS Be Facilitated?

Seasoned experts in the various professional fields covered in the BAIDS program will be employed to deliver the services and mentor the businesses. Expression of interest will be solicited from qualified professionals to facilitate the delivery of the program, as well as to perform evaluations and impact studies to track, measure and report on the outlined outcomes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The BAIDS Program will provide participants with the following;

  • Business Planning and Budget
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Auditing
  • Business Registration
  • Taxation (Individual and Corporate)
  • GST/HST Filing
  • T3010 Filing (Not-For-Profit and Charities)
  • Bank and/or Governmental Loan Application
  • Annual Returns Filing
  • Grant Writing and Submission (i.e., Ontario Trillium Foundation, CSJ, Others)
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Staffing
  • IT implementation and Development
  • Operations Management
  • Referral (to other Professionals, i.e., Insurance coverage)
  • General advisory