D’Juvayne ChristianInternational Real Estate Mogul

    D’Juvayne Christian is a realtor and owner of businesses in both Canada and America. He has a BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration and a MBA: Master of Business Administration from American Universities. His education, skills, and experience creating his successful real estate portfolio has proven beneficial, when assisting clients to build financial freedom through Real Estate. D’Juvayne has received numerous awards for his successful track record as a Real Estate Agent.  Mr. Christian gives Thousands in Scholarships annually to students on both sides of the border. He is a strong advocate of Education and is co-owner of an education based company in the Greater Toronto Area. Overseas, D’Juvayne sponsors children, who cannot afford the basic needs of food, safety, and shelter. He has also contributed both time and money to the building of a school and community in the Dominican Republic. D’Juvayne considers himself a Minimalist and is known to encourage people to forgo expensive items/stuff, so they can expand their Horizons through Travel.

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