October 22, 2022

Financial Literacy OBJECTIVES

  1. To provide the tools for Black youth to be better prepared socioeconomically (the application of social skills and integration of financial literacy)
  2. To ensure that Black youth have a better sense of how to sustain a regiment that will allow them to build wealth while also maintaining a healthy trajectory of personal development.
  3. To increase understanding between the affiliation of how Life Skills can increase the probability of financial well being

  4. Character development and leadership skills in all aspects of learning, personal and professional development
  5. Engaging participants in interactive learning and capacity building through appealing content nestled in the appeal of Pop Culture
  6. Leaving participants with practical transferable life and professional skill sets that will render them competitive on the open marketplace and in any number of industries and interests.
  7. Completing a project with tangible results i.e. personal portfolios that will continue to inspire further achievement.

Week 4
June 5, 2021
Expanding your reach – Trade & Globalization

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