January 9, 2023


The “Business of ” is the first set of courses launched by the BBPA Academy, which will be providing self-paced business training supported by live experts. The courses will address the core topics and fundamentals of business for entrepreneurs and professionals. The BBPA academy will implement 10 core Business of courses followed by 5 core+ and 5 Trade-specific courses as well as several non-traditional courses.

core courses
Core Core+ Trade-Specific Exploratory
Marketing (Branding) Advertising The Fundamentals of Real Estate Exporting
Managing Business Operations Website & Web Development, and Web Services Auto Mechanics Social Responsibility & Non-Profit Board Membership & Governance
Business Planning and Registration Social Media & Influence Procurement
Leveraging your Strengths Fashion Cyber Security
Financial Planning, Financial Management, and Borrowing Food: Catering, Vending, & Food Stalls
The Business of Human Resources and Employee References Hospitality/BnB
Law and Legal Services Real Estate
Accounting & Bookkeeping Auto Mechanics
Taxation, GST/HST and Tax Filing
Public Relations
Business Plans and Business Models
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