Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees

The BBPA National Scholarship Program is managed by a group of professionals who volunteer their time and energy to ensure that qualified students in our community gain the benefits of the Program. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Black Business and Professional Association. The Trustees are:

Mr. Edmund DelSol

  • Ms. Jenny Gumbs
    Former, Consul General to Toronto, Grenada; President of Tropicana Community Services
  • Dr. George Dei
    Professor- Department of Sociology & Equity Studies in Education
  • Ms. Itah Sadu
    Owner of a Different Booklist, Community Advocate
  • Ms. Joy Bullen
    Former Banker: Marketing Consultant; Fundraising Consultant
  • Dr. Laura Mae Lindo
    Director, Equity and Diversity, Wilfred Laurier University , Ontario
  • Mr. Ken Thomas
    Division Director, Investors Group Former
  • Mr. Michael Pinnock
    Treasurer, Black Business and Professional Association
  • Ms. Nadine Spencer
    President, Black Business and Professional Association


  • Terrie-Lynne Devonish, Chief Counsel, AON Hewitt Canada
  • Dr. Edith Mae Guntley-Lorimer, Family Physician


  • Pamela Appelt
  • Wayne Burnett
  • Kamala-Jean Gopie
  • Hamlin Grange
  • The Late Beverley Mascoll
  • Cynthia Reyes
  • Sheila Simpson
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