Black Business and Professional Association CEO Nadine Spencer to Step down from Her Role This Fall

Nadine Spencer

Departure sets the stage to drive the organization’s continued growth strategy.

Toronto, ON – September 18, 2023 – The Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) announced today that Nadine Spencer, the organization’s interim CEO will step down from the role later this fall.

Nadine Spencer was elected President of BBPA in 2017 and played a transformative role in shaping the organization’s growth strategy. Under her leadership, The BBPA initiated a governance board model, culminating in her becoming the first CEO in 2021. She is planning to return to helm her award-winning marketing firm BrandEQ Agency.

“I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with our partners to successfully forge meaningful relationships that have resulted in remarkable growth. As I transition back to BrandEQ, my passion for empowering entrepreneurs and communities is stronger than ever. My journey at the BBPA has been truly rewarding working alongside our members, dedicated partners, the board, and the incredible BBPA team. My unwavering commitment to empowering the Black community remains steadfast. Together, we have grown exponentially, and we are poised to reach even greater heights,” expressed Nadine Spencer.

During her tenure, Nadine Spencer’s leadership was especially evident during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Her work acumen ensured the continuation of the organization’s mandate during a critical time. Under her leadership, the BBPA implemented innovative solutions-based strategies including initiatives that illuminated important issues facing the Black business community. The BBPA’s brand as a national organization that serves Black businesses and professionals is now indelibly entrenched throughout Canada.

We are grateful to Nadine for her exceptional contributions to the BBPA, both as President and CEO,” said Ross Cadastre, Chair of the Board of Directors. “This transition is a pivotal step in the realization of the strategic vision that Nadine outlined during her presidency. We appreciate the dedication and leadership she has expended during her term,” added Cadastre.

Denham Jolly, the BBPA Founder, commented, “Nadine’s leadership has been a perfect fit for the BBPA at a crucial juncture. It is impressive to see not only the success of Black businesses but also the achievements of a Black charitable organization. Her remarkable work over the past years has unequivocally validated my statement made in 2017 that she was the right choice.”

Working alongside community leaders, the BBPA has played a pivotal role in co-founding the Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE), an organization that makes loans available as part of the Black Entrepreneurship Program. Furthermore, the BBPA led efforts to expand initiatives, working alongside The Diversity Institute and Future Skills Centre, which resulted in new projects such as BACEL, Capital Skills, and the RiseUP Pitch Competition. The BBPA also championed programs in collaboration with other partners, such as the Financial Literacy program, as well as Business Advisory Implementation Development Services (BAIDS), The BBPA’s National Scholarship Program, and various other impactful initiatives.

The Board of Directors, under the guidance of Ross Cadastre, will initiate a CEO search to have new leadership in place later this fall. During the transition period, Nadine Spencer will continue to lead the BBPA, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining operational excellence.

The BBPA remains fully committed to delivering the highest level of service to its members and to maintaining its reputation for excellence. The organization’s mission, values, and strategic goals remain unchanged. The work continues with positive prospects as we continue to make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve from coast to coast.

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About The Black Business and Professional Association:
Founded in 1983, the BBPA is a non-profit, charitable organization that addresses equity and opportunity for the Black community in business, employment, education, and economic development. Through its various programs, the BBPA has continuously strived to advance the needs of Black Canadians, fostering a sense of entrepreneurship, professional excellence, higher education, and economic empowerment.

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