Entrepreneur Spotlight Feature (July) Mati Moses

Mati Moses
Entrepreneur Spotlight Feature (July)
Aesthetician and Co-Founder of Skin Tones Beauty Spa
Instagram: @st.skintones
TikTok: @skintonesbeauty

“To live your passion is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, and to the world.” Mati’s entrepreneurial journey began when she decided to steer away from the traditional academic journey to follow her passion for esthetics and skin care. As an international student from Zimbabwe, who had moved to Canada to pursue a completely different career path, making this decision to switch gears and follow her heart wasn’t easy, but it was certainly the right choice for her.

After venturing onto this new path and completing her studies in Medical Esthetics and Spa Management at The Humber Institute of Technology, Mati spent several years honing her skills and mastering her craft. An experience that strengthened her expertise but also highlighted the lack of cultural representation in the Canadian spa industry. As a Zimbabwean born and raised with principles of celebrating African beauty, she quickly realised that there was a gap in the aesthetics industry here in Canada when professionally catering to skin of color. Fuelled with the passion and drive to bridge this gap, Mati partnered up with her long-time friend and fellow aesthetician Novalee Sterling to bring Skin Tones Beauty Spa to life. A chic spa located in the heart of oakwood village that offers an array of result-oriented skin care treatments and products that cater to all shades of skin.

Our dream with Skin Tones Beauty was to create a space where all shades of beauty are celebrated. To encourage our community to prioritize selfcare because this is not just a luxury but an important necessity that everyone deserves to indulge in. Skin Tones Beauty Spa specializes in a variety of result-oriented wellness treatments such as facials, body treatments, hair removal and nail care services customized to meet your individual needs. In addition to this entrepreneurial endeavour, Mati is an aesthetics teacher who dedicates herself to contributing to the very same path that inspired her to follow her dreams. She truly believes knowledge is power and that spreading that knowledge will equip more aestheticians across Canada with the skills to cater to the diversity that makes up this wonderful nation.

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