Health and Wellness Tips for Quarantine

Whether you’re used to exercising or not, there are things that you can do to pass the time away while maintaining a health lifestyle for both yourself and your family during this time of quarantine. Keep in mind that outright they may not seem like they could be fun, but don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

1.   Maintaining control of your diet

You’re at home, bored out of your mind – because perhaps you may not have the ability to work from home – and you find yourself snacking on chips, cookies, etc. Maybe you’re even munching on your children’s snacks. Why not spend some time making healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy so you don’t feel guilty later? This is the best time to get your family involved and turn this chore into a fun activity. You can make dried fruits, tasty smoothies, etc.

2.   Playing board and other games

After eating your health meal/snack, gather your family and find a fun, physical game you can all enjoy. Fortunately, NOT having any board games is no excuse when you can all get together, use your imaginations and invent something you all can play! All else fails, play a card game or dominoes. Turn on some fun music and play dance games, musical chairs, etc. If you have children who should be in school, play some timed math games or anything that challenges their minds.

3.   Family exercise challenges

When was the last time you did a push-up? How many push-ups can you do without stopping? How long can you hold a plank for? How far can you hop on one leg for? These are all games you and your family can play while you’re stuck indoors. Add a few more exercises to this and turn it into a competition to see how many points you can all earn to win! A plus to this is that your children will be worn out.

4.   YouTube and other exercise apps

If you’re someone who already frequents the gym, there are many videos online that you can use to challenge yourself and maintain your hard-earned gains. Be sure to use instructional videos where they teach you proper form, especially if you’re alone. Safety first! If you’re tech savvy, connect your laptop or cell phone to your television for ease of use, bump up the volume and Go Get It!

5.   Stretching

Many people prefer stretching and yoga over working out. If this is your preference, it’s another opportunity for you to be active and meditate as well. You can no longer use the excuse, “I have no time.”

6.   Dancing

There are many people who would much prefer anything else but ‘the gym’ to get in a good sweat. If this is your preference, bump that music up and do your thing. Personally, I love putting some 90’s reggae and dancehall music on so I can get a good sweat while I clean.

Whatever you choose to do while at home, the trick is to keep it fun and exciting so you and your family do not become complacent or bored. And speaking of family and kids, now that Spring Break is over, you should also consider Reading (quiet time) as a health option. After all, although it’s great to exercise your bodies, the brain needs exercise as well.

Please continue to take care of yourselves during this time

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