Sharon FletcherCo-Founder, Blacks Inspire

    My name is Sharon Fletcher and I help people leverage social media to build a socially conscious and engaging brand. I do this through the community platform I cofounded called Blacks Inspire.

    Blacks Inspire is an international online community based out of Toronto, Canada. It was created to aid in taking the Black community to the next level by providing inspiration, education and collaborations to Black owned businesses, entrepreneurs and overall talent. We do this by taking some of the best products, services as well as inspirational stories within the African Diaspora and providing them exposure through our interviews and videos with businesses, then share them to larger international markets.

    As I have been transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur, I have used the various social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to market my brand, engage my community and deliver valuable content as it pertains to my business. We have had consistent growth and engagement with our platform since it’s inception! I can show you how to do the same and I can help you do it!

    I implement tried and true successful techniques that I have used, then I show how you too, can leverage the various social media platforms for your business and your brand.

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