Elaine ThompsonBusiness development director

    ELAINE THOMPSON, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Real Estate Broker, Insurance Broker

    Elaine Thompson leverages her experience of over20 years in radio broadcasting,as an on-air personality at various radio stations in Toronto and Jamaica to help build community. Having managed a Community Radio Station, consisting of 150 staff and volunteers, it prepared her for the challenges of managing diversity and creative differences and personalities within that space. Meeting budget and funding goals as well as reporting to a board of directors, was part of making sure the community had a voice in media. It also served as a bond with the Black and Caribbean Community, that regards her with trust and respect.

    While in broadcasting she realized that while our community was contributing so much cultural richness to the world, we were still behind in building wealth for ourselves.

    She decided to become a Licensed Real Estate Broker and a Licensed Insurance Broker. With over 20 years experience, she is the proud owner of her own independent Real Estate Brokerage for the past 6 years, and does her part in contributing to the wealth building of our community. Hercompany, Sarpo Global Realty, specializes in the sale of Real Estate here in the Greater Toronto Area and Jamaica. She is also a licensed Financial Advisor and helps individuals and families get properly insured, while teaching them step by step how to save and build wealth, one person, and one family at a time.Empowerment through Wealth is her passion.

    A Mother of two, she finds time to devote to a charity she founded, called Mind Over Matters (MOM), which organizes Summer picnics and leisure activities for young women coping with mental illness challenges. The program also provides hygiene awareness, and nutrition education, as mental illness compromises the ability for our young women to be self-aware of how they present and care for themselves.

    A past student of Claarendon College, Jamaica, she is currently enrolled at the Thompson Rivers University (TRU), Distance Learning Program, British Columbia, with a view to pursuing a Law Degree.

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